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I can improvise!!!

I feel like the mark of a true cook is when a chef can look at a recipe as a base, not as a rule.  I’ve always fallen into the rule category.  Tonight, I took a (baby) step towards chef-dom! … Continue reading

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Breakfast Bonanza: Day 1

Happy Halloween!!!! Breakfast Bonanza:  Day 1 – Apple Autumn Oatmeal I know I said that the point of Breakfast Bonanza was to have different things for breakfast this week.  So you’re thinking, “Apple Autumn Oatmeal” isn’t different for me.  You’re … Continue reading

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Breakfast Bonanza

First it was Meatless Mondays.  Now more food fun:  Breakfast Bonanza!!  Every day this week (starting tomorrow, Sunday, 10/31), I will have something different for breakfast.  I am the first to admit that I fall into routines.  Right now I’m … Continue reading

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Meatless Mondays

I’m visiting my older sister this weekend in northern Virginia.  She has two kids (2 1/2 and 6 months), two dogs, two cats, and one husband always vying for her attention, so to say this house is crazy might be … Continue reading

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Hello, Metabolism

Yesterday I had my bi-weekly appointment with my nutritionist.  We talked about my progress, the changes happening in my body, and she answered the questions I came prepared with. Things I learned yesterday: 1.  I’m still not eating enough calories. … Continue reading

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Oatmeal Obsession

How did I ever survive without oatmeal?  I switched out my oatmeal for a Green Monster for yesterday’s breakfast and my day felt incomplete, so I had oatmeal for dinner.  It’s just as awesome for dinner as it is for … Continue reading

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A little too excited!

I DNS’d the Virginia Beach Rock’n’Roll half-marathon this past September.  It was supposed to be my first HM.  I had trouble throughout the summer training and I knew there was no way my fitness level at the time of the … Continue reading

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