Two 5K races!!

This morning I ran in not one, but two 5K races!  I took to the running forums over at Runners World to make sure my base mileage could support both races.  The Beginner’s Forum over at Runners World is so great and supportive!  If you’re a new runner, head over there for advice!

I don’t know my official time for the first 5K.  I’m guessing somewhere around 25 minutes.  The course was super hilly!  I love the first downhill when all the new runners fly down the first hill, and then realize they’ve just maxed out their energy stores.  I always want to tell them, “Slow down!”  I kept up a constant, steady pace throughout the entire race.  I found that running without my iPod helped me keep my pace because I could monitor pace by the sound of each footfall.  The end of the race, I got help from an earlier finisher on my form for the last .25 miles!  The race was quick and well run, but I hated not knowing even a ball park of my time.  I know it’s around 25 though, which is much lower than my 5K times over the summer!

I also ran in a 5K on campus that my friend organized for the triathlon club.  I snacked on a Kashi GoLean Crunch bar and some Kashi Heart-to-Heart in between races.  Running during what my body perceives to be as “snack time” sucks!  This course was even HILLIER than the first one (how, I don’t know!).  By the end of the race, I was seriously ready to walk.  I was not prepared for all those hills, but I persevered and didn’t walk.  I was fully expecting my 5K time to be much higher than it was, which was 25:51!

I had some oatmeal pancakes with SF syrup for lunch with apples and peanut butter on the side.  I also had a green monster.  It was a big lunch, but I was starving!  Racing two 5Ks makes you hungry!


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I'm a college student who is trying to find her feet in the world of cooking healthy and incorporating food healthfully into my world!
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