Best laid plans

I almost missed my 7AM pilates class this morning… twice.  First, I almost overslept.  I woke up randomly wondering what time it was and how much more time I had to sleep.  I looked at my phone and it was already 6:30!  Ack!  I rushed around my room to get ready.  I grabbed a few almonds and apricots as an early morning snack to get me through the class.  Then I opened the door.  This was the second time I almost missed my pilates class.  It was POURING out!  My car was a good two minute walk away.  I almost turned around and went back to bed, but decided it wasn’t worth it.  Off to pilates I went!  So glad!  I love taking the early morning classes (despite the pain of leaving my bed so early).

Today was Breakfast Bonanza:  Day 5.  I deviated from my menu again.  I picked up a loaf of cinnraisin ezekiel bread the other day and I decided to try it today!  I topped two slices of toasted ezekiel bread with peanut butter and a banana!  It kept me full during my drive home today!

Which brings me to another point.  It’s raining today.  So of course I drove home five hours!  The worst part about driving home is how it throws off my eating schedule!  Driving for five hours tends to create boredom.  This drive, however, I was awesome!  I ate my normal calories on the way home… no excess snacks!  Yayyy!

Two other AWESOME things that happened today (other than coming home):

1) I bought my first SMALL pair of Nike shorts!  I am SO excited!!  Next running purchase = new pair of shoes!

2)  WHOLE FOODS!  I have been stalking all these foodie blogs that gush about Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, but there aren’t any around my school.  At home, I have both within 15 minutes!  I stopped into Whole Foods and picked up some whole wheat tortillas for breakfast tomorrow!  You’ll have to wait and see what I do with them!

I’ve got some pumpkin bread in the oven I should probably go check on!  Then I have to get ready for my ridiculously busy day tomorrow!


About Katie

I'm a college student who is trying to find her feet in the world of cooking healthy and incorporating food healthfully into my world!
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