Breakfast Bonanza: Day 7

The end of breakfast bonanza week is here already!  I loved the variety in the morning, but I also missed my warm bowl of oats!  To be fair though, I did get in some oats at other times throughout the week (like for dinner tonight).

To be honest, today’s breakfast was boring and light.  I had a banana and some dry Kashi Heart-to-Heart cereal (SO GOOD) on my way to this morning’s 8 AM yoga class.

My original plans for the rest of the day after yoga were all screwed up due to… life?  I’m over it now.

For lunch I had a grilled banana french toast sammich and a honey crisp apple(which was to die for).  Then for dinner I had some apple banana oatmeal.  Since oatmeal isn’t really enough for dinner, I wanted to pair it with something awesome.  I already had half an apple and a banana in my oatmeal.  I also already had french toast today.  Hmmm… I needed something different.

AHA!  I chopped up the remaining apple and pulled out my griddle.  While I heated up the griddle, I pulled out one of my whole spelt tortillas and spread half with PB.  I sprinkled my chopped apple on top and folded the tortilla in half.  I heated it up on the griddle, sliced it into three, and enjoyed it with my oatmeal.  Delish!

Tomorrow is my first(ish) 10K.  I’ve done a 10K mud run, but never just a straight run.  I’m super nervous!  Luckily, my eyes have been bugging me all day, so I’ll probably sleep fairly well tonight.  Hopefully!

Keep your eyes peeled for a week dedicated to peanut butter in honor of November, National PB month!


About Katie

I'm a college student who is trying to find her feet in the world of cooking healthy and incorporating food healthfully into my world!
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