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My 2011 To Do List

I have a confession: I’m jealous of other bloggers. I’m jealous that they have a record of what they wanted to accomplish in 2010 and can readily access that list. I resolve that I will not be jealous at the … Continue reading

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Recreating with a Twist

I used to hate salad. Way back in my high school days (That was 5 years ago!! Say what?). Then I fell in love with salads thanks to Panera Bread. My first true love: Panera’s Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken salad (without … Continue reading

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Recovery: Bittersweet Reality

Throughout my recovery from my eating disorder, I have struggled a lot with the idea of a “happy weight.” To me, “happy weight” means the weight at which my body feels great physically and I feel great about my body … Continue reading

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Snow Day = Productivity

I left the fire house this morning at 7 AM and haven’t stopped moving since! I visited the lake with my mom to check out the snow. Check out these awesome snow drifts! There’s a lake under all that snow! … Continue reading

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Marathon Training: Listen Up!

Some days, my legs just don’t want to cooperate. I go through all of my tricks: 1. Put on my running clothes. 2. Make a bargain. (source) I find a little something (less than $10) that I just want. Is … Continue reading

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Christmas 2010: A Recap

Christmas began Christmas Eve with the Seven Fishes dinner at my grandfather’s house. One done there, I headed home to make some more spritz cookies (my brother inhaled the first batch). Then Christmas morning came…. Thank you, Grandpop!!! My Christmas … Continue reading

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Yin Yoga

It has been frigid outside. So frigid that I thought about (very briefly) skipping my planned yoga class because I didn’t want to walk from the car to the studio. But since I had already missed boxing that morning due … Continue reading

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