Race Recap: Jingle All the Way 10K

Yesterday was the longest. day. ever. But it was awesome.

I started off my morning by waking up at 4:45 and making my usual breakfast (oatmeal).

Then I drove to DC and visited my favorite president ever.

Good morning, President Lincoln.

There is nothing that compares to seeing the Lincoln Memorial all alone before the city has woken up, but the whole reason I was in DC in the first place was pretty good too.

Why? Jingle All the Way 10K

The Good

– Yes, it was raining. So it would seem odd that I would put the weather in the good category but the temperatures were in the 40s! It was way warmer than it had been in days and while I’m getting better about running in the cold, I’m not going to turn down 40º weather.

– The volunteers were awesome. They were very helpful when I asked about the D-tag (my first time using one) and were quite happy to point you in the right direction.

– Tons of port-o-potties. Thank you. There was still a line but it could have been much much worse. (Before I was a runner, I never would have considered a port-o-pot as an acceptable bathroom. How times have changed!)

The Bad

– The course was super crowded for the first two-ish miles. After that, it opened up for a while until the turn around point, when it was super crowded again. I think this race may have outgrown the current set-up.

– I need to learn how to pace myself during the race. I got to the end of the race and found I still had a lot to give. Not cool. I could have pushed myself a bit harder throughout the rest of the course, but didn’t want to have to walk because I pushed too hard. So in the end, I didn’t push hard enough and it showed on my time.

– TOO MANY LAYERS. I know I said that the temperature fell into the good section. I would have enjoyed the 40s much more if I hadn’t been overdressed!!! I had on a t-shirt, two long sleeves and a fleece on top of that. I wasn’t warm, I was HOT!

The Results
– Gun time: 54:27
– Chip time: 53:32
– 5K time: 28:51 (What was I doing?!)
– Pace: 8:37

All in all, I’d do the race again because I love DC. I’m now even more stoked to run the National Marathon in DC in March. I’m antsy with anticipation of running another race in DC!


About Katie

I'm a college student who is trying to find her feet in the world of cooking healthy and incorporating food healthfully into my world!
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4 Responses to Race Recap: Jingle All the Way 10K

  1. Liz says:

    It was hard to know what to wear since it had been so cold the days before the race! I took off my gloves during the race, but then by the end my hands were numb. Someone commented on my blog about a smaller 10K this weekend (which I probably can’t do), but we should try to do a smaller/less crowded race before the national half!

    • Katie says:

      If you let me know of a smaller race, I’d be all over it. Like I said, I’m in love with running in DC! I can’t do this weekend either (my parents probably wouldn’t be okay with my skipping graduation to run in a race, even if I think it’s perfectly okay)!

  2. Chase says:

    AAAH! I’m doing the national marathon too! How crazy! PS Great 10K time! I totally got stuffed in the back behind a lot of people and felt like I had to weave so much just to find my pace. Great meeting you the other night!!

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