Making the Switch

Something that has gone largely undocumented on my blog is my switch from vegetarianism to veganism.

There is one main reason why I haven’t talked about it. I needed time to assess why I went vegan.

  • Was it born out of my eating disorder?
  • Do I like the restriction that many non-vegans associate with veganism?

I had to sit with myself and make sure that my answer to either of those questions wasn’t “yes.”

Now that I have had that time, I can say with relative certainty that I became vegan for the right reasons.

My body feels better.


I eat what makes my body happy. Tons of vegetables and fruits has left me feeling much more active on a daily basis.

My mind feels better.


I wouldn’t have really considered myself depressed before, but I am just happier now. I am always smiling. My mind also feels clear… free. It’s like I took off my dirty glasses and cleaned them. I am just able to interpret things much clearer.

I love the challenge (or lack thereof).

201101090831.jpg (

I used to think that I would struggle with figuring out how to eat vegan. My diet as a vegetarian was dairy/egg based for the most part. I had fruits and vegetables, but I didn’t go out of my way. When I transitioned to vegan, I have fallen in love with things I thought I hated (mushrooms). It has inspired me to try more (like guacamole), not restrict more. I have found that I enjoy food more because I am eating food that I know my body loves.

Now that I know my thinking behind going vegan, I know that it was for the right reasons. It was not born out of restriction or control. It was born out of the power of fruits and vegetables. Never have I appreciated my body more. Never has it reciprocated my appreciation so fully.

How do you appreciate your body?


About Katie

I'm a college student who is trying to find her feet in the world of cooking healthy and incorporating food healthfully into my world!
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