Marathon Training: Running on Snow

I would like to thank Mother Nature for dumping lots of snow on New Jersey in the last week.


I know. It’s surprising. Why would I thank Mother Nature for the snow? You already know that I don’t like the cold and a requirement for snow is cold temperatures.

Then on Saturday, I went running. There was already two inches of fresh powder on the ground and it was still snowing while I was running. It was a recovery week last week, so it was a 7 mile run. It went by in a flash. I loved every second of it. I felt alive.

Remember how I talked about running without music and how much more in tune with my body it makes me? Multiply that feeling by 100. Running on snow makes you aware of each and every step. Every wiggle of your ankle. Every shock absorbed by your foot.

The thing about snow and cold temperatures is that the temperatures tend to make the snow stick around a while. So during yesterday’s 7 mile run, I was still dealing with the snow. While it wasn’t actively snowing, I still loved running on the snow-covered sidewalks.

Afraid of the snow? I think you should try it! Check out my vlog for Fitblogger this week for some benefits of running on the snow!

Did I convince you? I hope so!

If you’re ready to try running on the snow, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are some tips for running on the snow:

  • Take smaller steps. This will help you keep your balance with the changing terrain (hello, black ice).
  • Strike with your mid-foot. This is another strategy to help you keep your balance. With more of your foot hitting the ground, you’ll be more stable if you hit an icy patch.
  • Stick with the less-packed together snow. Ever walk on packed down snow, then all of the sudden fall through? Think about doing that when running. Not good.
  • Dress appropriately. This is really a general winter running tip, but it is especially important when it is snowing or when there is snow on the ground. Snow will melt when it hits your body making your body cold. Make sure to wear moisture-wicking (tech) clothing! I also recommend wool socks to keep your feet warm!
  • CHAPSTICK. You will only forget to cover your lips with Chapstick once. The agony of the following days will serve as a painful reminder.
  • 201101121444.jpg
  • Sunscreen. I know it’s winter, but trust me. Sunburn is just as painful in January as it is in June. Besides, I want to earn my wrinkles from laughing, not from being too lazy to put on sunscreen!
  • Be vigilant! This is the most important tip. After a storm, the roads are slippery and usually narrower. Most drivers won’t be expecting to see a runner during/after a big snow storm. It is extremely important to be on your toes!

Do you have any tips for running on snow?


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I'm a college student who is trying to find her feet in the world of cooking healthy and incorporating food healthfully into my world!
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