Marathon Training: Cold Feet

Yesterday morning, I was scared.

I had my longest run yet, 14 miles, on my training schedule.

But when I woke up, all I could think about was last week’s disastrous LR.

I went about my pre-run routine as usual, though, hoping to kick the negative juju but it didn’t work. I wanted to bag the run but there was no way I could justify it. I was coming off of a two-day rest. My body was physically ready to run. My head was holding me back.

I told myself that I wasn’t a runner. I wasn’t like everyone else. My body wasn’t cut out to run. Why should I keep fighting against the inevitable? How could I possibly run a marathon?

I struggled to quiet these negative thoughts. When I had a moment to think, I realized where these voices were coming from: fear.

Last week’s LR took much more out of me than I had realized.

I no longer had faith in myself or my running.


I don’t know where the rest of my training is going to take me, but if I had to guess, I would say that this was the defining point in my training.

I had two options.

  1. I could skip the run. I could tell myself that I’ll do next week’s LR and all will be good.
  2. I could run. I could tell that stupid voice in my head to shut up and just go.

I knew if I chose door number one, I would not be running in marathon in March. My resolve would be shattered. I would never be able to come back from that in time to complete my marathon training.

So I ran.

And I ran.

And I ran some more.

I ran 17 miles!!

It was my longest run ever and three miles more than I needed.

When I got back from my run, all I could do was smile! I was proud of myself. I didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day (I am still smiling the next day). I proved to myself that I can do it. I am a runner. I can run a marathon!

What is one of your proudest moments?


About Katie

I'm a college student who is trying to find her feet in the world of cooking healthy and incorporating food healthfully into my world!
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