Mini-Goal Monday: Veg-tastic

Ecto ate my post again. This is the third time I am writing this post. Practice makes perfect?

I love Mondays.


Yep, I said it. I love Mondays. I realize that the majority of people have a reaction more akin to this kid, but let me plead my case.

Mondays give me a renewed sense of energy. I am ready to take on the challenges that this week has for me. I am openminded and calm. I can do anything.

How could you not love a day that makes you feel so powerful?

Another thing I love about Mondays: mini-goals.

Last Week’s Mini Goal: Keep a food journal.

The Results

I tracked every single thing that I put in my mouth (I used TrainingPeaks) but was it a success?

I was ready to quit in the beginning of the week.

The voice in my head that had been relatively quiet returned. It was telling me to restrict. If I kept eating so much, I would be fatter than I already was and I didn’t want that, did I? The voice told me to exercise since that was the only way to justify the calories I was taking in.

I could have let the voice win and everyone would have understood when I explained. No one would have judged me. Except me.

I kept journaling. For the first couple of days, every waking moment was consumed by fighting the voice. It was a constant struggle to continue to eat and exercise “normally.” The voice was screaming at me, but I dug my heels in. I wrote down everything and ate like I would every other day.

The voice became quieter as I continued to journal. By the end of the week, it wasn’t fighting the voice every step of the way. The voice would resurface a couple of times but I was able to push through it.

Was the struggle worth it?

What I learned:

  • The voice in my head is there in the shadows, just waiting for me to slip.
  • I eat significantly less on my long run days and I don’t make up the calories later in the week.
  • Some days I get in ZERO servings of vegetables.

All of these observations are significant and I need to address all of them. I can’t tackle them all at once though. I chose the one that I felt like I could be the most successful with to tackle this week: vegetables.

Mini-Goal for the Week of January 31: Eat three servings of vegetables per day.

I laid the ground work for this goal in yesterday’s post.

Since vegetables never just wind up on my plate, I planned out a menu for the week that included a serving of vegetables with lunch and dinner every day.

Two-thirds of my goal is already completed through my menu-planning.

To find my last serving of vegetables for each day, I am going to replace one snack (which for me is usually fruit) with a vegetable.

Three servings of vegetables a day? I can do it!

What is your favorite way to snack on vegetables?


About Katie

I'm a college student who is trying to find her feet in the world of cooking healthy and incorporating food healthfully into my world!
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